Friday, February 11, 2011

2D Hottie Spotlight: Soi Fon

Hello there and welcome to another addition of my
2D Hottie Spotlight
 So, who's gonna be under the spotlight today?'s gonna be
Soi Fon from the anime series: Bleach

She's a Soul Reaper (which is like a Grim Reaper), Captain of in the 2nd Division ,and Commander of the Special Forces that protect the Soul Society (think of Heaven or maybe Limbo).
She specializes in shunpo and hand-to-hand combat unlike most Soul Reaper who use katanas and such.

Find out why I think she's a Hottie (even though she's pretty much flat chested) after the jump!

 I'm gonna start by saying that the Rescue Rukia story arc was one of the best story arcs in the Bleach series. What's that got to do with anything you might ask.
Well, that's because when Ichigo and the gang broke into the Soul Society to rescue Rukia,
that's when Soi Fon made her first appearance.
With Ichigo and his friends was a talking (male) black cat named Yoruichi that transformed into this:
 We then find out that Yoruichi was once the Captain of the 2nd Division and Commander of the Special Forces before leaving the Soul Society as a rouge. Also that Soi Fon was her apprentice and close friend.
Now after taking her master's place and finding out that she had returned after many years later,
Soi Fon went to confront her.
This is the kind of Girl-on-girl action I like
After what was a pretty awesome battle (from what I remember) Soi Fon breaks down and asks Yoruichi why she left her behind and didn't bring her with her. They reconciled and put aside their differences to fight a common enemy.

Well, hopefully that give you a little idea on who she or whatever is so we can get to the reasons why I like her.
 I like the way she looks with her unique hair style and outfit (compared to the rest of the Soul Reapers) and the fact that's she's quite attractive for being one of the few female characters that doesn't have watermelons for boobs. I guess Tite Kubo (the creator of Bleach) must like his oversized. ; )
As for her personality, 
Soi Fon is strong-willed, somewhat stubborn, and isn't one to give up easily.
Also she pretty much adores Yoruichi and has a massive crush on her which I find to be just adorable.

Soi Fon and Yoruichi is the only Yuri couple I'd support because they are so cute together and totally meant for each other. And I don't even like yuri!
But seeing how they interact with each other the the chemistry they have, I think they'd make a great couple.
I think the animators think so too, if you watch the filler episodes.

 I also thought I'd mention her Zanpaktou which is quite different then the other Soul Reapers' Zanpaktous Because Soi Fon's claw like stinger called "Shikai" when an a attack is landed twice on an opponent  in the same general area of the body, the opponent is automatically killed.
Her Banki (the Zanpaktou's final form) is very explosive and not very good for covert operations which is why we don't see her use it much but when she does, you know you're in for a blast! Literally!

Well, I hope that gives you all a little bit of insight on why I like her.
Yoruichi is also a fav of mine too, but I think I'll leave that for another time.

Hey there, here's a funfact: Today (Feb 11) is Soi Fon's Birthday.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more updates.
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