Monday, September 20, 2010

What's Hiding in the Jungle?

While out in the jungle (urban jungle), I went to my local Target to get some groceries. I stopped by the toy aisle since it's on the way to the food aisles (now that they moved it all to the back of the store instead of the front where it originally was). Now if my blog's header (banner) isn't a dead giveaway, GI-JOE has recently been something of interest to me. I haven't been really into it since the movie (Rise of Cobra) came out last summer, but now that Hasbro has begun releasing the followup toy line called: The Pursuit of Cobra, with there highly articulate, detailed, realistic and futuristic, action figures and vehicles.
As for the rest of my story, it goes something like this:
Arriving at the toy aisle, I see the rack is full of the "Tornado Kick" Snake Eye. : (
But behind them are the new Dusty,Destro, Recondo, Zartan, and the....Jungle Viper! : )
Now the Jungle Viper is quite rare (ish) because is highly sought after because it's an Army Builder and it's a short packed figure (unlike"Tornado Kick" Snake Eye).
 Excited to see him out in the jungle, I immediately snatched him up.

Now you know the story behind how I got him...and knowing is only half the battle!
Tune in next time when we go in depth to find out why this action figure is so cool and highly sought after.


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