Monday, July 19, 2010

Back from the Doctor's Office

Today I went to the Eye Doctor to have my eyes examined.
Back when I was ten, I used to wear glasses but 5 years ago I stopped because they got too small and I was sick of almost every little kid and their parents thinking I was harry potter since I never really liked harry potter and having to explain to them that I was not got pretty old after a while.
Anyway, more about what happened today.
I had a really good doctor who told me that my eyes are healthy (yay!) and that Nintendo wasn't (entirely) the reason I had to start wearing glasses when I was ten, but it was family genetics. Funny since my Mom can a mile away while I can barely see far away. My Mom believed I had to start wearing glasses back then because my friends and I all played the N64 and we all had to get glasses after that. The doctor said that probably accelerated the Nearsightedness in my eyes at younger age though.
So I got my eyes checked out and I'll be getting my glasses in a week.
The best part, my insurance covered it all. Now that's what I call an early birthday present...since my birthday's tomorrow. So happy right now. :D  

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