Sunday, March 1, 2009

What a Weekend! 8D

Yesterday my Mom,my Grandpa,and I went to the Fontainebleau Hotel for the Academy of Art University Open House Event where I received portfolio feedback from Professional Artists and Academy Representatives.
I brought four finished and fully edit pictures of My Valentine's Girl , Cobra Trooper ,and two other pictures that aren't up online yet (but don't worry they will be on soon).
I also brought the original versions of those pictures to show a little bit of the process,and I showed them my sketches and my un-edited version of My Web Comic: Anything But Ordinary .
They were impressed, which really lifted my spirits! :)
I gave them my business card and some autographed pictures (the ones above) which they appreciated.
It was a very memorial experience.

In Other News:
I have a new place when I will be posting my artwork at where I'll be posting once I stop posting a
So check it out at the link above or click on "My Art Portfolio" on the side of the page.


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