Friday, April 4, 2014

Gaming with AJV and the GANG Episode 1

(Note: Watch in 480p or Higher for Best Viewing Experience)

Here's the first episode of my new series where I play games with my friends when I'm not making my usual animated films and shorts.

(May Contain Harsh Language, so please be advised.)

 So yeah really just a series of us doing stupid and silly things pretty much while beating the shit out of each other or others on Video Games.

Hope you all enjoy.

Also be sure to check out my friend's channels too if ya like:

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Where the Hell have I been!?

Hey Guys!
I been on a bit of an Hiatus with the blog for a bit sadly since I've been busy with work and life stuff.
Also I have been working on my Youtube Channel, my Google+ page, making new custom Lego minifigs, and some new film projects too!
I've decided to make my Google+ Page the main source of Film and Animation updates while here at the Bog will update on more personal matters and opinions on various things.

Until Next Time,